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An interview at the Autumn Canton Fair

Date:15th October,2021 |Author:Bill Chan|Vistors:68298

On October 15, the 130th China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair) officially opened its doors to welcome customers. 190 Foshan enterprises and a total of 646 offline booths welcomed customers from home and abroad. At the first Canton Fair with the theme of "Dual Circulation" and the first online and offline integration, Foshan enterprises launched a variety of new products to speed up seizing new opportunities in domestic and foreign markets.
Launch new products to meet new market needs.
"This year we brought this PV100 series Solar pumping inverter, which has Solar power generation and pumping functions, and can be used for agricultural irrigation." At the Canton Fair, Foshan Suoer Electronics Industrial Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Suoer Electronics" ) General Manager Yang said.
As the wave of energy-saving and emission-reduction is rising around the world, new demands in the field of new energy are accelerating, and the Canton Fair has also become a stage for Foshan enterprises to seize the lead. Yang revealed that the company brought nearly 200 exhibits this year, mainly for key energy storage accessories such as inverters.
"This year we have carried out product iterations and realized the integration of multiple functions to better meet the needs of customers in countries and regions along the'Belt and Road'." Yang said, "At present, 40% of the company's products are exported to ASEAN countries."
Yang also expressed that he hopes to communicate face-to-face with more international and domestic customers through the platform of the Canton Fair to better promote the company's new products.
"If there is an opportunity, we also hope to invite international customers to the factory to further exchanges through factory inspections and other means." Yang said.

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