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Home Hybrid Energy Storage Off Grid Solar System

Date:2022/7/25 |Author:Max lu|Vistors:517397

Home Hybrid Energy Storage System

• Can be connected to single-phase AC, 48V battery DC and 500V photovoltaic DC, and converted into single-phase 230V AC output
• AC input/PV input lightning protection function: Class II, In=20KA
• AC input/output protection function: overload/short circuit/leakage • Compliant with CE LVD and EMC directives and EU ROHS directives
• Application: Household use of hybrid energy storage and power supply


Brand Name
Model Number
Solar Home System
Controller Type
Load Power (W)
3KW, 8KW, 5kW, 10KW
Output Voltage (V)
Output Frequency
Work Time (h)
24 Hours
Product name
Off-Grid Home Hybrid Solar System
Home hybrid energy storage
Off-grid inverter
VMS series
Energy storage battery cabinet
AC and DC distribution box
Off-grid inverter Size
Energy storage battery cabinet Size
AC and DC distribution box Size
4G terminal/serial port

Off-Grid Inverter
AC input rated voltage: 230Vac
AC input voltage range: 90-280Vac (170-280Vac full power output)
AC input rated frequency: 50/60Hz
AC input maximum current: 30Aac
AC output rated voltage: 230Vac±5% MPPT tracking voltage range: 240-450Vdc (full power input)
AC output rated frequency: 50Hz
AC output rated power: 5000W
Maximum charging current: 80A
Maximum discharge current: 104A
PV maximum input power: 4000W
PV array open circuit voltage: 500Vdc

Energy Storage Battery Cabinet
Battery Type: Lithium Iron Phosphate Battery
Rated battery voltage: 51.2VDC
Float voltage: 56.4VDC
Battery overvoltage protection value: 58VDC
Battery under-voltage protection value: 42VDC
Battery capacity: 100AH×3 groups
Maximum charging current: 100A
Maximum discharge current: 100A
Communication interface: RS485
Capacity indication 4 lights LED: 25%-50%-75%-100%
Charging working temperature: 0℃~60℃
Discharge working temperature: -20℃~60℃
Working humidity: 10%~95%RH

AC And DC Distribution Box
AC input circuit breaker: 32A/2P×1
AC input lightning protection: 1+1, In=20KA
AC output circuit breaker: 32A/2P×1
Battery access circuit breaker: 125A/2P×1
PV input circuit breaker: 16A/2P×1
Photovoltaic input lightning protection: 2+1, In=20KA

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