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Global aluminum prices continue to rise

Date:29th September,2021 |Author:Bill Chan|Vistors:783

In 2021, global aluminum prices will continue to rise, hitting a new high in the past ten years, putting a certain amount of pressure on related industries of aluminum products.

Aluminum is the most important raw material for some product shells, which directly affects the development of related industries. Since 2018, aluminum prices have shown a downward trend, but the outbreak of the epidemic has interrupted the aluminum supply chain, and aluminum shortages have appeared in some areas, which has gradually pushed up aluminum prices.
In response to the issue of rising aluminum prices, since 2021, China has put in two batches of national reserve aluminum, totaling 140,000 tons. The person in charge of the Storage Department of the State Grain and Material Reserves pointed out that the current prices of copper, aluminum and zinc are still high and will continue to put in the national reserve of copper, aluminum and zinc.
On August 27, the National Material Reserve Regulation Center issued an announcement stating that it has decided to launch the third batch of national reserves of copper, aluminum and zinc in 2021 in the near future.
Suoer New Energy's inverter products are in the peak production season, the demand for raw materials increases, and the rise in aluminum prices puts greater pressure on the company. Relevant departments of the company do a good job of analysis in advance, actively respond to many problems caused by price increases, communicate with suppliers, and ensure the normal supply of raw materials.

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