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Anti-dumping investigations in the photovoltaic industry

Date:9th April,2022 |Author:Bill Chan|Vistors:68149

Anti-dumping investigations in the photovoltaic industry
"Anti-dumping investigation", the term has often appeared in international trade in recent years. Competitive trade in the modern world, in addition to the competition of various domestic and foreign companies, also involves the competition of foreign companies in some countries.
Recently, relevant Indian authorities concluded an anti-dumping investigation against some imported photovoltaic products originating in or exported from China.
As we all know, the vast majority of Chinese products are of good quality and low price, and are well-known all over the world. When Chinese products enter the market of a certain country, the Chinese product market can quickly enter the local market with the advantages of high quality and low price. At this time, the market people in the local market will initiate anti-dumping investigations against Chinese enterprises on the grounds of protecting local industries.
The main object of this anti-dumping investigation is the photovoltaic backsheet, which is a photovoltaic packaging material that directly contacts the external environment in a large area, and plays a role in protecting the cells in the photovoltaic module. Photovoltaic panel installation environment is complex and changeable, hot, humid, cold, all kinds of environments. Therefore, photovoltaic backsheets must have reliable weather resistance, water vapor barrier properties, and insulation properties to ensure that photovoltaic cell products can withstand environmental tests for more than ten years.
How to reduce the impact of foreign anti-dumping investigations? The usual anti-dumping investigation is a single country's investigation of a part or a single product of a Chinese enterprise. Therefore, the development of diversified products and the development of diversified national markets can effectively reduce the impact of anti-dumping investigations.
Throughout 2021, the global photovoltaic market is developing rapidly, and India, as an emerging market, needs attention. Various data show that India's photovoltaic market has huge potential, and industry data continues to break through.
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