• SON-SUW1500
  • SON-SUW1500
  • SON-SUW1500
  • SON-SUW1500
  • SON-SUW1500
  • SON-SUW1500
  • SON-SUW1500
  • SON-SUW1500
  • High Frequency Hybrid Inverter - SON-SUW1500
  • High Frequency Hybrid Inverter - SON-SUW1500
  • High Frequency Hybrid Inverter - SON-SUW1500
  • High Frequency Hybrid Inverter - SON-SUW1500

24V 220V 1000W photovoltaic hybrid solar power inverter with mppt charge controller


High Frequency Hybrid Inverter


LCD screen display

Built-in 20A MPPT charge controller

Buit-in 15A AC charger

Rated power 1000W,Peak power 2000W

Built-in electric relay of bypass AC,True uninterruptable power supply

Pure sine waveform output,Input and output are completely independent

Conversion efficiency is up to 88% with power saving mode

Most competitive price ever

Multiple protections of Input reverse polarity /undervoltage /overvoltage /short circuit /overload /over temperature





Model SON-SUW1500
Built-in solar controller 500W Buck Type Control
Solar Panel SPECS 30V~120V 500W (Max)
External battery  24V 100Ah~150Ah
Capacity 1500VA
AC Input Voltage AC180~240V
Frequency 50Hz±10%
DC Entered Voltage (External Battery) DC24V
Low Voltage Protection DC20V
Over Voltage Protection DC29V
AC Output Voltage AC220V±5% (DC) 190-240V (AC)
Power 1000W
Frequency 50±0.5Hz (DC) Synchronization Mains (AC)
waveform Sine Wave
Efficiency 88% (DC TO AC)
Charging Time Charging Current Maximum charging current 15A 
Charging Efficiency 8~15 Hours 90%
Conversion Time ≤6ms
Protection Overload Protection, Short Circuit Protection, High Voltage Protection and low Voltage Protection 
Alarm When the battery voltage close to the critical point, the alarm changed from slow to fast until the device automatically shut down.
Environment Noise ≤45dB
Temperature 0℃±40℃
Humidity 10%±90%
Pieces/CTN 4 pcs
Weight/CTN 24.61KG
Dimensions/CTN 53*52*32.5cm

Video Tutorial

This hybrid high frequency photovoltaic inverter built in MPPT charge controller and mains charger. High-speed chip centralized control, overload protection, over current protection, high temperature protection, short circuit protection, battery high and low voltage protection. LCD display shows the machine operation and setup parameters. Using high quality components to ensure product quality and high performance. The inverter’s output waveform is pure sine wave

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