12V 30A PWM Solar Charge Controller


PWM Solar Controller


Ultra Low Power Consumption

Direct liquid crystal display(LCD)

Adjustable charging voltage

Manual switch mode,Light control mode(delay switch 1-23 hours),Pure optically control mode(test mode)

Reverse protection,short circuit protection

Designed for 12V/24V solar power system

Hanging style design makes it convenient to install

Available in 10A/20A/30A

Power system voltage identification

Overload Protection Display

Undervoltage Protection Display

Built-in charging current limiting protection,without haveing to worry about solar panels power up too much damage control and battery system





Model ST-L1210 ST-L1220 ST-L1230
To adapt to the battery voltage To adapt to the battery:12V/24V(battery<6V:12V System   battery>18V System)
Maximem charging voltage 50V
Maximem charging current 10A 20A 30A
Maximem output current  10A 20A 30A
Specifications of Recommended Solar Panel 12V:Open loop voltage  18-24V Standard specificctions solar panels 150WX1
24V:Open loop voltage 36-48V  Standard specificctions solar panels 300WX1
Numbers of Recommended Solar Panel  1 piece Two piece of parallel Three parallel
Charging Mode  The three -phase PWM charger quickly
Float charging voltage Default 14V,(24V Battery *2,Parameters can adjuest in the Setting menu)
Constant charging voltage Default 14V+0.4V,(24V Battery *2,Parameters can adjuest in the Setting menu)
Under-voltage protection voltage Default 10.5V,(24V Battery *2,Parameters can adjuest in the Setting menu)
Owe pressure recovery voltage  Default 12.5V,(24V Battery *2,Parameters can adjuest in the Setting menu)
Load overload automatic Recovery time 60s
Stand-by power consumption  <20mA
Operating temperature range   -20℃~55℃
Overail dimensions 168mm*92mm*39.5mm
Installation of fixed size 152mm*60mm
Product weight(G.W) 0.5kg 0.2kg 0.25kg
Pieces/CTN 40 pcs 40 pcs 40 pcs
Weight/CTN 10.2kg 11.25kg 13.02kg
Dimensions/CTN 38*27*42cm 38*27*42cm 38*27*42cm

Video Tutorial

solar charger controller of light and night away less than 10 ma power flow, ideal for small power solar products, such as solar street lamp light, streetlight, DC Load, illumination, solar power system and so on.

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